About us

Newton Study Center provides what is essential to the development of a student's full potential. These include specialized educational services, instructional resources, and training to supplement the formal educational system.


INSPIRE STUDENTS to attain their full potential
INSPIRE TEAM in their relentless pursuit of excellence
INSPIRE FELLOWMEN in further raising the standards of society


We build our organization from within, working together to become successful in shaping society. Much of our success is attributed to our team who embody our core values.

our core values

We are passionate to improve as individuals and as an organization. We continuously look for ways to further improve our strategies and our actions.


We are deeply committed to deliver excellence to our students. We focus our time and resources towards achieving our objectives in developing young minds to reach their full potential.

We are loyal to the interests of our students and our organization. Our loyalty is manifested through our actions as we make it a point to go an extra mile both for our students and ourselves.