Newton Study Center, despite its short history, has delivered strong results with its review programs. Newton has produced a good number of students who passed admission tests of top schools. The feedback it received from students is also very positive.

For the Academic Year 2015-2016, Newton Study Center had 132 UPCAT passers, 117 ACET passers, and 17 PSHS passers. These figures are still increasing as we are confirming other results.

Newton Student Passers by Type of Exam

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Other Significant Results

In the past years,
  10 UP Oblation Scholars
  25 INTARMED candidates
  4 Ateneo Merit Scholars
  13 Ateneo Director's List
  4 DLSU Star Scholars


To view a detailed list of our passers, please click any of the links below. :)

Previous Passers

You may access previous Newton passers here. These are arranged by school.