About Newton

Our Company

The Newton Study Center provides excellent training to assist students further improve themselves. It endeavours to inspire others to have an unquenchable thirst for personal excellence through self improvement. This found its classic expression in Homer's Iliad:

Always be the best, my boy, the bravest,
and hold your head high above the others.
Never disgrace the generation of your fathers.
(Homer Iliad VI, Fagles trans.)

It was a text that had inspired Alexander the Great, even many Romans were equally impressed. Newton Study Center aspires for the Filipinos to be equally inspired by this and to be determined to be among the best and the bravest.

Newton Citizens

We believe that the pillar for our success is our people, as they are the ones who will emulate our core values. We attract and recruit the very best possible. We build our organization from within, and reward our citizens through evaluation based on our core values. We operate on the conviction that the Citizens of Newton will shape Newton's destiny.

Core Values

1. Passion for Improvement

We are passionate to improve our effectiveness as a person and as an organization. We continuously look for ways to further improve our strategies and our actions. We have a strong conviction that only God is perfect, therefore improvement knows no bounds for man and his organization.

2. Excellence

We strive for excellence. We have a deep commitment to deliver excellent results in our area of responsibility. We focus our resources towards achieving our excellent objectives and strategies. We develop methods to eliminate organizational barriers that may hinder the achievement of excellent results for the center.

3. Loyalty

We are loyal to the interests of our students and our organization. Our loyalty inspires us to walk the extra mile for their interests. Loyalty is manifested as actions affirming the mission and core values of Newton.

Our Mission

To Inspire

Our core values drive our mission of inspiring: our students in attaining their full potential; our fellow staff in their relentless pursuit of excellence; and our fellowmen in further raising the standards of society.

Our Name

Newton Study Center is named after Sir Isaac Newton, because his life story signifies that in each one of us there are often unrealized potentials. Discovering and realizing these untapped potentials is what we at Newton Study Center strive for.

Our Logo

It is said that Sir Isaac Newton discovered his most important contribution - universal gravitation - while watching an apple fall from a tree in his garden. The apple in Newton's logo thus stands for how easily knowledge and wisdom can come to an attentive mind in the right environment. We at Newton Study Center work to provide our students with the kind of environment necessary to discover and realize their untapped potential.


Newton Study Center was established in 2001. Its main purpose, though not exclusively, was to conduct reviews. The birth year saw the successful launch of the Newton College Entrance Review (CER). The first batch of which consisted of 46 students. In August of the following year, the Newton High School Review (HER) was introduced. Aside from CER and HER, Newton has expanded its services by offering Tutorials – which has evolved into 2 categories: Academic and Advanced, and K-san Math. In 2005, its review programs extended to Civil Service Review.

Newton expansion started in 2003 upon the establishment of its second branch. As Newton continues to grow, materials development is a priority. In 2004, Newton 's publishing arm, the Bluewater Publishing, was founded. In the same year, Newton published through Bluewater its first review book.

The Center's success in enhancing the educational abilities of students has led to the establishment of five branches to date and to the development of more review books.